Father's Journey



December 2018

These styleframes illustrate the story of my father’s journey from Vietnam to Hawaii. The collage style integrates real-life photos archived from my family that follows along as a motion poem. I have always been amazed by the struggles my parents encountered; never will I truly realize how monumental the sacrifices they made in order for us to get a better life that we live now. This project was a personally enriching experience.

In the blink of an eye, I was a lifeless soul

Breathing every breath, of the struggle,

a hope to survive.

The purpose of this life, I had doubts on this fight

Though to their desire, I was meant to die

That moment of fear, was larger than life

Perhaps it was my time?

In the blink of my eye, he showed the light

Breathed me in, my long lost soul,

Had to survive.

Crossing this sea of troubles, land of freedom

We voyaged.

Lusted for a new life, the next chapter we made

Without him, never shall I be…

Here, tell the untold story of the day

Your uncle saved my life.